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Since I moved to Pittsburgh last May, I have become fascinated with the strangest thing ~ Steps. These aren’t your everyday, four or five steps to the front door type. No, these are Pittsburgh steps. They are cold, ominous structures that connect sea level to the surrounding mountains. There are over 700 of these structures in the city (more than the top two US cities, Cleveland and San Francisco combined). Some


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Russian women, Russian brides dating services and Russian mail order brides

Single occupancy at a four-star hotel in the tour city.

  • Coach transportation to and from the hotel.
  • Visa application processing to visit Ukraine or Russia.
  • Tour representatives will greet you at the airport as you clear customs.
  • Breakfast daily and a welcome dinner briefing upon arrival.
  • A company owner will be on hand to ensure the quality of your accommodations and will assist in organizing your social activities.
  • Three days of socials where you will meet the

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Fighting against the grips of slumber, I struggle to keep my eyes focused on the stack of papers in front of me. It’s only been thirty minutes.

The numbers in front of me blur into an abstract language undecipherable to me. My once remedial task of matching and sorting has become a challenge in the aftermath of a well-deserved weekend in new york. One hour.

The day will never end. I walk from


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Living in southern Louisiana has its interesting points. BUT, and this is a big but ladies and gentlemen, there is one thing that bothers me the most. I have never, and I repeat, never seen snow. Not a blizzard, a light powder, or a solitary snowflake landing gracefully upon my open palm; nothing! As you can tell I’m a bit bitter because of this. Those of you that live in the


Russian women, Russian brides dating services and Russian mail order brides

Embassy of Great Britain
9 Desyatinna St, Kyiv, 01025, Ukraine
Phone: (+ 380 44) 462-00-11, 462-00-12
Fax: (+ 380 44) 462 0013
Consular/visa department
6, Sichnevoho Povstannya st., Kyiv 01010
Telephones: (+ 380 44) 290 7317/ 290 2919
Fax: (+ 380 44) 290 7947
E-mail: VisaConsular.Section@kievc.mail.fco.gov.uk


Embassy of Germany
25 Bogdana Khmelnitskogo st., Kyiv 01901, Ukraine
Phone: (+ 380 44) 247 68 00
Fax: (+ 380 44) 247 68 18
Visa department
37/39 Zlatoustovskaya st., Kyiv 01901, Ukraine
Phone: (+ 380 44) 216-14-77, 216-67-94


Embassy of USA


Which Facebook personality are you? — Vibewire.net

Ah yes. The return to university or perhaps school. Or perhaps you’ve just arrived somewhere new. Either way, now that the summer sun disappears a few minutes earlier each day, and you begin to settle into a new year, you will be a changed person. Not only will you begin to meet new people, make new friends and discover new and exciting interests. But inevitably these social to-ings and fro-ings will


Backwash – Content – Bewitching Vagabond

I’m not sure which day exactly, but one day in July of this year I will have been online ten years. Kind of interesting, for me at least.

I remember being new and talking to someone else who had been online ten years or even five years at that point. I was ever so impressed. I asked about how things had been, what they thought about the changes and where things were


This Week at Creative, April 21st — Vibewire.net

It’s raining, it’s pouring and the old man is snoring. Some would argue this is the perfect weather to make a cup of tea, flirt with an addiction to choc-chip and ginger stem cookies (delicious) and write your little heart out. And what do you do after writing your little heart out? Oh, that’s right, submit it to Vibewire.net and enjoy the thrill (and it is a thrill) of seeing your


Dallas Explorer – nurseries dallas

The Dallas Women’s Foundation – Herstory
Photographs by Dan Sellers DALLAS WOMEN’S FOUNDATION: The First Ten Years of Philanthropy for … homes for elderly women, day nurseries and free kindergartens, orphanages, free medical clinics …

  • Dallas, Texas: Welcome to Dallas, the Texas Star!
    Tourism and travel guide to Dallas, Texas, United States with … Things To See & Do In Dallas 1. Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive A … Plaza – adjacent to the Dallas

Russian women, Russian brides dating services and Russian mail order brides


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This test was fun… | Vibewire 3.0

<TABLE cellPadding=20 align=center>



<TD align=middle><FONT size=5><B>Rosalind Russell</B></FONT><BR>You scored 16% grit, 52% wit, 33% flair, and 14% class! </TD></TR>


<TD>You are one wise-cracking lady, always quick with a clever remark and easily able to keep up with the quips and puns that come along with the nutty situations you find yourself in. You’re usually able to talk your way out of any jam, and even if you can’t, you at least make it more


Backwash – Content – Bewitching Vagabond

I have nothing to say to you people today. Sure I could write about the adventures of online dating, the man who has offered me a (second hand) computer and maybe some web design programs.

I could write about John, not hearing from John yet almost fanatically not giving up on hearing from him.

I could write about how interesting it is to be 40-something and how different it is from 30-something and



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Sydney: Human Resources

The combination of intriguingly different takes on the same subject matter is the underlying strength of this production. Whether it be a gay man enthralling his small office audience with his flirting and disdain while not quite carrying off his high heel campness or why it is better to let the search engine do all the work on a single’s internet site rather than risk further rejection, tribute is due to