Vote For 6

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We have been officially notified that the Cumberland County Board of Elections has authenticated the necessary 5,000 registered voter signatures and that the Vote Yes Fayetteville referendum will be presented to the Fayetteville City Council for inclusion on an upcoming city-wide ballot.

This Vote Yes Referendum will give citizens the right to vote to improve the structure of the City Council by changing its current nine single member districts and mayor to a structure of five single member districts, four at large members and mayor elected by the entire city, resulting in each citizen having six members of City Council directly responsible to them versus the current two.

Most cities in North Carolina have some number of at-large members as a part of their Council structure including nine of the state’s twelve largest cities. Other elected government bodies in Cumberland County, including the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners, the Cumberland County Board of Education and the towns of Hope Mills and Spring Lake all have at-large representatives, providing more accountability to citizens.

With six votes (a mayor, four at large members and a district representative), every citizen will have more representation on Council, more elected people they can vote for, and more people they can hold accountable for their actions. With more elected people accountable to the big picture, Council can better work together to resolve the important issues our city faces.

We thank the hundreds of donors and volunteers, and the more than 5,000 Fayetteville registered voters, who fought to provide every Fayetteville citizen the right to vote on this option. We remain committed to allowing the people themselves to decide this important issue.

Over the next several months, we encourage everyone to study the issue, to better understand the advantages of having more elected council members on City Council directly accountable to you, and to Vote Yes Fayetteville.
We welcome your support in this important effort by Voting Yes Fayetteville! Contact us at